“With great power comes great responsibility.” A Scholar Hero defined.

In the last month, Scholar Hero has brought in a few talented designers to create a new look for our site and our overall brand. We now have a new logo and banner that we are very proud of, reflecting our core ideals in a simple yet deliberate way.


We’ll add our new slogan, “where bright minds come together,” but for now, this’ll do.

As you can probably tell by the symbolism, we are embracing the notion that we are building something for the superhero in all of us, that part of our being that looks beyond ourselves to create a better world for everyone.

In a lot of ways, scholars are superheros to millions of students around the world, and their efforts can impact billions more. Many of them operate for “the sake of knowledge” or “the love of teaching,” and we always want to encourage that. The question for us, then, is to get into specifics and ask everyone out there how we can help.

To start, we want to know if there are certain types of scholar superheroes out there that we should recognize and design our platform according to your preferences. Some examples we have thought up so far include:

The Technician: Always building, tinkering, perfecting their latest masterpiece.
Classic example: Tony Stark / Iron Man sans the acerbic wit.

Even you could be a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist.

The Detective: Exploratory and fully aware of their surroundings. Able to solve mysteries without breaking a sweat.
Classic example: a less emo version of Batman.

A few ethics might get compromised in the name of justice…

The Telepath: Able to read people’s instincts and virtually their minds. Typically very charismatic and great listeners.
Classic example: Professor X leads the pack, naturally.

When you think about it, Cerebro is pretty much… a social network platform.

The Scientist: Looking for the right answers but always willing to admit when they’re wrong. Their brains are both encyclopedic and perpetually precocious.
Classic examples: Drs. Reed Richards or Hank McCoy come to mind. #seewhatididthere

For the sake of brevity, I’m going with the one that’s played by Frasier Crane.

The Infiltrator: Able to navigate any situation with ease. They often rely on their agility and cunning to stay above the fray.
Classic examples: Catwoman without the kleptomania, or a mature Kitty Pryde.

Perhaps the most work-safe photo of Catwoman on the Internet.

If you have some thoughts on your own about how these hero types should look, or perhaps you have a few of your own, fill out the following form. We would love to hear more and help you get started on your quest to become a Scholar Hero.

Note: Apparently there are not really enough scholarly female superheroes to reference, with Oracle/Batgirl the only one that is often mentioned as such. Such injustice will not stand in time.