The Physics of Pacific Rim

We at Scholar Hero love to use knowledge to deconstruct all kinds of situations, no matter how far-fetched. The surprise blockbuster Pacific Rim, for example, raises a very legitimate question: are giant fighting robots physical possible?

For the uninitiated, Pacific Rim is a sci-fi action film about defending the human race through the use of “jaegers” (pronounced YEA-ger): enormous, skyscraper-high robots to combat an invading force of equally massive aliens called “kaijus” (pronounced KAI-joo). The film is visually impressive, but how much force would it take for a jaeger to deal a collossal right hook knockout to these giant beasts?

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Luckily for us, this Scientific American article has all the answers we are looking for. At one point in the film, a particularly ugly kaiju mug says hello to a jaeger fist delivering 125 million joules of kinetic energy. That kind of blow is “like getting hit in the face with a Boeing 747 going 60 miles per hour”!

Moreover, getting that massive metal mitt up to cruising speed requires the jaeger’s elbow thrusters to produce over 7,740 kilo-newtons of force (equivalent to the power of a Saturn V rocket engine). Suffice to say, that is a lot of pepper on that punch.

Solution to dealing with aliens? Space-powered punch. (Photo source:

Who knew first contact with alien life could be so explosive? For more on this article, read here.

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