The New Academic: Electronic Publishing

The article Scholarly Communication and the Continuum of Electronic Publishing is an interesting read for any publishing academic, as it addresses a many Internet publishing concerns. Its three elements of the scholarly publishing model represent the same sharing, communicating, and support that Scholar Hero promotes.

The power to publish.

Empower what you publish.

Publicity: “Primary and secondary audiences may learn of its existence.”

Scholar Hero creates a social space for scholars to share their research for others to find.

Let your voice be heard by others. (Photo Source: Garry Knight

Let your words be seen and your voice be heard. (Photo Source: Garry Knight

Trustworthiness: “The document has been through some social processes that assure readers that they can place a high level of trust…”

Scholar Hero offers a system where peers can send and reserve trusted critique that assures a high quality for their work.

Reach the right peers. (Photo Source: buddawiggi

Reach the right peers. (Photo Source: buddawiggi

Accessibility: “Readers must be able to access the document…”

At Scholar Hero, accessibility means “ease.” Our products curb the hassle of peer review by offering a fun and intuitive interface.

A digital handshake never out of reach. (

A digital handshake never out of reach. (

Scholar Hero thinks critically about academia as it adapts to 21st century technologies. By keeping these three elements in mind, our products will always be relevant to the needs of the modern scholar.

Nathan Repp is a writer for Scholar Hero, Inc.

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