Help Scholar Hero Save Academia

Why do we think academia needs saving? Thirty-three. That’s the percent of college students who drop out every year. The trends are moving against a college student’s favor: shrinking wages and rising tuitions. There are other reasons as well:

  • Students are failing courses.

  • There is a lack of proper mentorship.

  • New enrollees are way too unprepared.

Emptying lecture halls. (Photo Source: Sean MacEntee

Emptying lecture halls. (Photo Source: Sean MacEntee

It is not simply a lack of motivation nor is the forty-one hours per week that students spend socializing is not the problem. Inflated class sizes, shrinking faculty, and lack of opportunity all factor in as well.

How can we turn those forty-one hours of peer interaction… into the solution?


Scholar Hero provides a social community where students, graduates, and professors can help support each other by sharing research and critiquing each other’s work. We give students and academics a place where they can collaborate, and learn—all within a specifically-designed environment that is both supportive and accessible.

Saving the day is not about smashing down walls like a superhero with little regard for collateral damage. We believe it is about building something great by giving scholars confidence in their work and themselves.

Of course, we cannot do this alone. We are looking for beta users to assist us in exceeding expectations with our official release.

Let’s do this together. Sign up for our private beta now:


Nathan Repp is a writer for Scholar Hero, Inc.

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