Startup Your Morning With A Unique Coffee Company


Academics are primarily fueled by the power of caffeine, typically consumed in a warm cup of coffee. Socially conscious academics, however, know all too well about the exploitations of the globalized coffee trade and hope to find a more equitable option. We at Scholar Hero may have discovered one for you.

The Source delivers high-quality coffee directly to their subscribed members from the coffee growers in Nicaragua and Guatemala, cutting out the intermediate buyers. By handling the roasting and shipping themselves, they create a quick turnaround that ensures freshness.

Coffee Crop (Photo Source: CIDSE

Coffee Crop (Photo Source: CIDSE

Most small coffee growers must sell their crop at a greatly reduced price to intermediaries. The Source eliminates this problem by establishing a grant program that supplies farmers with the money they need to grow a year’s worth of high-quality crop that The Source agrees to buy.

In short, you get better coffee, and growers get a fair share of the trade. Not a bad way to start your morning.

You can visit their website at


Nathan Repp is a writer for Scholar Hero, Inc.



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