The Academic Doctor Who

With the enormous press over a new Doctor casted and the show’s 50th anniversary approaching, Doctor Who is one of the few popular, long standing programs on TV driven by the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Doctor Who is a BBC science fiction series about an alien named The Doctor who explores time and space for the sake of general enlightenment. Doctor Who began as a children’s education series, and while it has evolved into the popular mainstream, it still has much to teach.

Property of the BBC

The Doctor might be over 900 years old and possess a limitless mental encyclopedia, his capacity and passion to learn and explore never ceases. He is the perfect embodiment of the archetypal scholar.

His adventures, however, are often interrupted by dangers such as aliens, cyborgs, or natural disasters. Like a true pacifist, the Doctor opts to solve any problem through research and discovery rather than violence.

Pictured: A time machine. (Property of the BBC)

The doctor also believes in the power of collaboration. He recruits a human Companion with him on his adventures, usually because he delights in seeing their curiosity.

What drives the series of Doctor Who is the core belief that knowledge is worthwhile, world-altering, and meant to be shared with others. In other words, Doctor Who is a fundamentally a show for the academic in all of us.

Nathan Repp is a writer for Scholar Hero, Inc.

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