Mythology And Movies: How “Accurate” is Thor?

Later this year, another film based on the Marvel canon of Thor will be released, adding to the overall Avengers saga. Like the first film released in 2011, Thor: The Dark World will see the heroic titular character battle against powerful beings to protect humanity.

We at Scholar Hero, however, are concerned with how much the film will departure from the original Norse mythology on which it is based. This article gives us an idea of how well the first movie did.

Film Thor vs. Mythical Thor: Fair       

The character of Thor is an admirable interpretation of the Norse god.  In tradition, Thor is a “warrior god” who often did battle with large beasts in order to protect the world of humans and the world of gods.

However, unlike the blonde, well-groomed face of Chris Hemsworth,Mythical Thor was red-headed and sported a large, bushy beard.

Hiis hammer Mjölnir (pronounced, MYOO-NYEER, we think…) is truly represented accurately in the film. Mjölnir is powerful, wielded only by its owner, and always returns to Thor’s mighty clutch, just as it does in the film.

What about the other gods?

Film Odin vs. Mythical Odin: Poor

Odin (Anthony Hopkins) is too peacefully represented in the films. Odin scolds Thor for starting a war with the frost giants of Jotunheim, but the mythological Odin would be the one causing the war. Odin is commonly associated symbolically with war, strife, and madness. He uses black magic and is a far cry from the virtuous depiction in the film.

Film Loki vs. Mythical Loki: Poor

Many mythologies have some version of trickster god. Nordic mythology is no different. Like any trickster, Loki is relentlessly mischievous. His actions rarely have long-standing complications, adding color to their experience. The films portrays Loki (Tom Hiddleston) as an evil mastermind more akin to the Odin of the myth.

What will they get right and wrong this second time around? Thor: The Dark World hits theatres on November 11th.

Nathan Repp is a writer for Scholar Hero, Inc.

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