We at Scholar Hero know that we’re not alone in our concerns, experiences, and tribulations. Below is an endless list of just some of the other outlets online that only strengthen our resolve.

100 Reasons NOT to go to Graduate School
This blog is an attempt to offer those considering graduate school some good reasons to do something else, with focus on the humanities and social sciences.

From Grad School to Happiness
Direct from the blogger: “I was an advanced grad student in the social sciences. After a few years of growing dissatisfaction with grad school and academic life and a growing awareness that I would be happier doing something else, I have happily decided to make the move I’ve wanted to make for a long time … I’m leaving academia.”

Escape the Ivory Tower
A blog and career help center by Julie Clarenbach, a former academic turned life coach. Good for PhD students who want to leave the academy but are too afraid of life beyond it.

PhD Comics
Officially titled “Piled High and Deeper,” this online comic strip by Stanford PhD Jorge Cham has enchanted graduate students since 1997. Millions of hits later, the comic is now in film format.

The Post-Academic
Post-Academics Arnold Pan and Caroline Roberts hope to unravel much of the strange mystery that shrouds the world of academia from within and without.

Rumination: Life After Academia
This blog was inspired by people who write about their transition out of academia or who have already left and feel a positive transformation, the author included.

Unemployed PhD for Hire
Written by a former academic who what next to do what next to do in life. Inspired by other people’s blogs about making the transition out of academia.

University of Lies
An anonymous, humorous yet heartfelt blog by a graduate student whose quotidian suffering appears to know no end in sight.