Entrepreneurs, Assemble! The Three Most Important Roles of a Successful Startup Company

Does a successful startup begin with deciding the roles of its founding members? Fox Business’s interview with Stanford consulting professors, Steve Blank, argues that it might. According to the article, Blank believes that three of the most necessary roles to fill in the founding of a technology startup: the Hustler, the Hacker, and the Designer. It’s an important consideration but here at Scholar Hero, we like to add our own spin on things:

The Hustler 

(Hero Equivalent: Captain America)

Property of Marvel Comics

The role of the Hustler is almost synonymous with that of CEO. The Hustler’s job is to secure funding and attract talent. They are the leader that must stay patient and resolute even when disaster strikes.

The Hacker 

(Hero Equivalent: Oracle)

Property of DC Comics.

Property of DC Comics.

The Hacker’s goal explains itself: they must know how to code. They always sit behind the computer, laying the technological groundwork for the company.

The Designer 

(Hero Equivalent: Green Lantern)

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The Designer is responsible for how the company and the product are going to be presented to the public. They generate the aesthetics and the user interface, so they should have a strong ability to conceptualize.

Are there any other roles that Blank failed to mention? We would love to hear your feedback!



Nathan Repp is a writer for Scholar Hero, Inc.