Preparing For Progress: Digitally Advanced Schools

In 2008, produced an article that found and rated the top 20 “wired” universities in the United States. While slightly dated, it provides an interesting look into which schools had the technological foresight prepare for our current Age of Progress. To determine the overall strength of each school, and The Princeton Review looked at four digital categories:

  • Academics

    • This encompasses the school’s ability to provide courses that specialized in emerging technologies as well as the accessibility of online lectures.

  • Student Resources

    • What digital services do colleges provide? Do they offer their students an e-mail address and access to the school’s network? Do they offer their students software, such as anti-virus? What about hardware?

  • Infrastructure

    • This looks at the ability of the students to access digital resources. This includes wi-fi coverage and the availability of modern computers labs.

  • Tech Support

    • How easy is it for students to get help? Is there online support available, or has the school merely settled for an online FAQ?

With these factors in mind, here are the five schools with the greatest foresight (you might be surprised by the list):

(Photo Source: ilovebutter

(Photo Source: ilovebutter

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


(Photo Source: Russell Feldhausen

Kansas State University

(Photo Source: Edgar Zuniga Jr.

(Photo Source: Edgar Zuniga Jr.

University of Utah

(Photo Source: IK's World Trip

(Photo Source: IK’s World Trip

Bentley College

(Photo Source: The Marmot

(Photo Source: The Marmot

Pomona College

What colleges do you think should be in the top five? Sound off!


Nathan Repp is a writer for Scholar Hero, Inc.